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There’s almost no one who doesn’t grieve when a loved one passes away. And many times we don’t even find the right words with which we can say our last goodbye to that person. At moments like those, it is best to show your feelings rather than trying to convert them into words. This Precious Pink Funeral Arrangement bouquet is the very thing that you should go for. It will help you convey everything you want to say without you saying a single word.

The “Precious Pink Funeral Arrangement” bouquet is made of Hot Pink Rose, Stargazer Lilies, White Gladiolus and Golden Aster, gorgeously accented with lush green in a white plastic urn.

The Hot Pink Roses convey gratitude, appreciation, and recognition. The Stargazer Liles are believed to symbolize innocence and new beginnings while the White Gladiolus stands for purity and spirituality. As the name suggests, this arrangement is a great way through which you can convey your remorse, affection, and respect for the deceased in a funeral.

Since we place the utmost importance on using only fresh and the best quality flowers in all our flower bouquets and floral arrangements, based on availability, the actual product design, colors, varieties, and container may slightly vary from the picture shown above.

Precious Pink Funeral Arrangement



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