Most Popular Funeral Flowers: What Do They Mean?

Explore the significance and symbolism of popular funeral flowers such as roses, lilies, and carnations. Learn how each flower carries a unique message of love, respect, sympathy, and eternal remembrance in the context of honoring a loved one's memory.

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Funeral services provide an opportunity to gather together to mourn the loss of a loved one. Flowers are often brought to funerals as a way to honor the deceased and offer comfort to those in grief. However, did you know that different flower varieties carry symbolic meanings? Let’s discuss seven flowers used for funerals and what they symbolize.

White Lilies

White lilies are one of the most prevalent flower selections for funerals. They portray purity and innocence. At services, white lilies represent the deceased person's pure soul. They convey messages of peace, sympathy, and condolences for loved ones who are mourning. Lilies arrive in a range of hues like orange, pink, and yellow too. Distinct shades carry extra significance. For example, orange lilies signal enthusiasm for life while pink lilies communicate gratitude and admiration.

White and Red Roses

Roses, and particularly white and red roses, are a customary funeral flower choice. White roses specifically symbolize remembrance, sympathy, and the pure spirit of the person who passed away. Red roses portray deep affection and love for the deceased. Families often receive arrangements with both red and white roses jointly. This mixture shows condolences for the bereaved in addition to honoring the love shared between the deceased and their family.


Carnations appear in an array of colors where each shade holds meaning. For funerals, the most typical carnation colors seen are white and pink at almost every florist in East Lansing. White carnations represent purity, respect, and memorializing the departed. Pink carnations convey appreciation for the life of the deceased and the happiness they contributed to loved ones during their lifetime. Unlike lilies and roses, carnations last longer as cut flowers so they are a sensible funeral flower choice too.

White Chrysanthemums

In some Asian cultures, chrysanthemums are associated with death and mourning. At services, white chrysanthemums portray grief, sadness, and a sorrowful heart. Since chrysanthemums also come in shades like pink, yellow, and bronze, these colors carry more good meanings. For example, yellow chrysanthemums symbolize joy and lasting cheer, while bronze represents optimism. These are some of the best flowers for funerals —bringing chrysanthemums to a funeral home or ceremony conveys messages of condolence.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies have become standard at funerals because of their resemblance to trumpet shapes, signifying resurrection. Their pure white hue also portrays purity and fresh starts. Calla lilies denote magnificent beauty in the afterlife. These popular funeral flowers imply belief in spiritual transcendence and commemorating a life lived fully here on earth.


Red tulips symbolize perfect love and deep appreciation for the deceased and are one of the amazing choices as flowers for funeral services. Since tulips arrive in various bright colors, hues like purple portray royalty while yellow tells stories of cheerful memories. In general, tulips symbolize lovely thoughts and kind acts the deceased shared with loved ones during their lifetime. An arrangement with multi-colored tulips from a local florist in Lansing MI will create a considerate choice for funerals.


Orchids signify refined beauty, strength, and spirituality. Their lovely appearance speaks to ongoing gratitude for the life of the departed. Orchids can represent rich living, passion for life, and eternal beauty. At services, orchids extend an elegant message of remembrance and condolences to grieving family members.

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